Info about 7web

Presentation on the web is important marketing tool for any business, project, or individuals

7web philosophy

We aim to use our experience and creativity to produce websites so, that a high-quality web presentation is truly affordable for anyone. Services & pricing »

WordPress system

By using WordPress, we significantly save time spent on programming and the money of our customers.
It is also a guarantee for high-quality and smoothly running website. What is WordPress »

Design in WordPress

WordPress is using Themes for the content presentation. They provide style and additional functionality.
Themes can be modified and adapted so each site can be unique and interesting. About themes customization »

How we work

The approach used for creating websites is equally important for us as the result


We’re always happy if it is possible to meet in person. But most of our clients are from abroad, so we’re used to work online through email and Skype.

Preparation & consultation

We place a great emphasis on project preparation. We are trying to advise what would be useful for a particular project and how it can be implemented within a defined budget.

Look & functionality

According to the required features of the website, we help customers choose a suitable theme with a proposal for modifications and improvements. Alternatively, we create a mockup design in Photoshop.

Style customization

During the project, we regularly let the clients do a review and take each request into account. We are able to create a style that suits the product and also supports good functionality of a website.

Content publishing

During the project implementation, we publish the initial texts and images supplied by the client.
Later on, the content can be comfortably managed in WordPress by the owner himself.


We issue the invoices only after the completion of the project. 7web reserves the ownership and access rights until the full payment is received. For projects over 500€, we usually require a deposit of 20%.


We provide technical support, updates and backups for 12 months free of charge whith possibility for renewal of the support service each year.

7web quality

The quality of the website is defined by 7 characteristics needed for the success on the internet

  • Unique design Visual presentation that attracts
  • Flawless code Validity according to HTML standards
  • Functionality Features that actually works
  • Clarity Accessibility of the information for the visitors
  • Administration Easy and time-saving content management
  • Optimization Correct website structure, keywords & accessibility
  • Security Reliable support and handy problem solving

References and websites showcase in the Projects section »

If you are interrested in our services or have any questions we will be happy if you contact us