WordPress is the world's most widely used platform for website management

Content Management System

Web pages are displayed in browsers using HTML. In the past, to update the website, it was necessary to hire a programmer that changed the code. It takes a lot of time and leads to websites being expensive.
With the advancement of the Internet and the quantity of websites content management systems needed to be developed. They can process text or images from the database, and compile them into the required HTML code.
Today CMS systems offer administration interfaces that are easy to use for ordinary people, programmers are usually needed only during the project implementation. Thus CMS saves time & money.

We use one of the best CMS – WordPress

Easy administration of any website

WordPress is used by more than 20% of newly created pages. Let’s check why:

WordPress Advantages

  • Free You don’t pay nothing for the installation & use
  • Open source The world’s best community of programmers participate on the development
  • Online Access the administration of the website anywhere, anytime
  • Easy Site administration is well organized and the environment is intuitive
  • Features Many other useful features, overview on wordpress.org

WordPress themes

Appearance in WordPress can be changed using Themes, which can be further edited and customized.
There are literally thousands of themes to choose from. They are developed by some of world’s leading web designers so any website doesn’t have to look generic or boring.

WordPress plugins

Plugins are add-on modules extending WordPress functionality such as internet shop or booking system.
Thanks to the open-source, WordPress plugins programmed by users. So like themes, there’s plenty to choose from and most of them are for free.

WordPress customization

Every project has specific needs, so we focus on the choice of the right theme, plugins and modifications.
If necessary, we can modify or completely change the style, add features, or create a custom theme or plugin.
More info and examples of WordPress Customization »