WordPress Customization

Original WordPress theme:

Website after customization:


7web design is specializing on WordPress customization

The GPL License allows to edit any WordPress theme freely according to their own needs.
We help our customers to choose quality themes. We take special care about the functionality and flawless code, minor deficiencies in their design can be simply fixed.

Various adjustments can be characterized as following:

  • Style (CSS) Customization of colors, shapes, textures, backgrounds & fonts
  • Form (PHP) Changes in the layout and order of the sections on the web
  • Functions (jQuery) Modifications in the existing functions & scripts

The basic style customization is included in our 7web Standard service.

If needed, we can do more extensive modifications or create custom WP theme:

  • Child theme Add completely new style while using the functions of the existing – parent theme
  • Custom theme Design & coding of a custom tailored theme for 7web Custom
  • Artisteer theme Create a simple custom theme in the Artisteer editor for 7web Basic

Custom WordPress themes