7web standard

A complete website from the exceptional web design up to reliable technical support

The price of 440€ includes:

  • Preparation Project consultation and selection of premium WordPress theme
  • Installation Domain and hosting on our servers, WordPress CMS, theme setup
  • Design Design and editing style headers, textures, backgrounds, colors and fonts
  • Publishing Initial content, maximum extent of 7 pages + 7 articles + 1 gallery
  • Utilities Setup backup, security, anti-spam, W3C testing and validation
  • SEO start On-site SEO, search engine registration, XML sitemap, Analytics
  • Support Documentation for administrators, technical support and updates for 1 year

7web standard is suitable presentation for any type of company, but also for individuals, organizations or blog.
The project includes premium WordPress theme license and its customization.
Time of website creation is usually 1-3 weeks from the start of the project.

7web basic

The basic budget package – low cost but full quality and functionality

The price of 250€ includes:

  • Preparation Project consultation and selection of free WordPress theme
  • Installation Domain and shared hosting, WordPress CMS
  • Design Theme setup, header and background customization
  • Publishing Initial content, maximum extent of 7 pages or articles + 1 gallery
  • Utilities Setup backup, security, anti-spam
  • SEO basic Google & Bing registration, XML sitemap, Analytics
  • Support WordPress guide, technical support and updates for 3 months

7web basic is essential online presentation without any extensive customization of WordPress themes.
Such a website usually feature introductory presentation, info, services, gallery and contact.
Time of website creation is usually 1 week from the start of the project.

7web business

All of the 7web standard services plus one of the business features in addition

  • eShop from 520€ Setting up an online store and publishing products
  • Portfolio from 480€ Online presentation of projects, works, products or services
  • Magazine from 520€ Extended design and features of articles and categories
  • Portal from 560€ Online offer of services such as real estate, travel, accommodation
  • Directory from 660€ An interactive directory of websites or companies
  • Redesign from 480€ New style and migration of website on WordPress
  • Minisite from 40€ Single page website as a teaser page, business card or event

7web business is a website tailored precisely to your business needs.
Upon request, we will create an exact quote for your specific project.
Delivery time of the project reaches 3-4 weeks from the project start.

7web custom

We will be happy to prepare a custom project according to your specific requirements

The custom project can include for example:

  • Special site features
  • Design and programming of custom WordPress theme
  • Extensive graphic jobs
  • Publishing or migration of any number of articles and images

Price of 7web custom project is set individually after a personal or online consultation.

7web extra

Our current prices of webdesign, graphic work and other supplementary services

Hosting & domains

  • Domain 15€ / year Domains eu, com, org, net, biz
  • Shared hosting 25€ / year Sever with max 1GB storage
  • Custom hosting 50€ / year Server over 1GB storage
  • Technical support 50€ / year 7web support renewal for existing customers

Graphic works

  • Logo from 50€ Design a logo for company or website
  • Graphic web from 25€ Icons, illustrations, website backgrounds
  • Graphic print from 35€ Business cards, flyers, posters, stickers, shirts
  • Banners from 20€ Banners ads for websites – static
  • Flash banners from 40€ Banners ads for websites – animated
  • HTML map from 40€ Interactive map/image for websites

Design & customization

  • PSD mockup 30€ Creating a proposal for website design in Photoshop
  • Custom WP theme from 180€ Create a custom theme for WordPress
  • Custom WP widget from 40€ Create a custom widget for WordPress
  • CSS customization from 20€ Enhance style of page or section
  • PHP customization from 30€ Change of functions or page layout
  • jQuery customiz. from 25€ JavaScript modification (slider, sorting script, lightbox gallery)
  • Media CSS 55€ Responsive CSS design for mobile devices
  • IE6-8 compatibility 85€ CSS version for Internet Explorer 6-8

Website content

  • Publishing – single 5€ / article One-time publishing / editing content
  • Publishing – reg. 15€ / month Monthly payment for publishing in the range of 3-5 articles
  • Edit images 4€ / foto Editing images for the web (contrast, color, crop, size)
  • Retouching from 25€ Professional retouching of photos in Photoshop
  • Multilingual from 35€ Setup for multilingual website (without translation)

Technical services

  • Restore 30€ Restoring website from a WordPress backup
  • Server migration 25€ Copy of WordPress website to another server / domain
  • WP installation 20€ Installation of fresh WordPress website
  • SSL certificate 120€ / year Securing with SSL certificate

Optimization for search engines

  • SEO report 25€ SEO check and overview recommended activities
  • On-site SEO 40€ Setting the keywords, headings and titles
  • SEO backlinks from 40€ Backlinks building
  • SEO blogging from 50€ Publishing PR articles with keywords and backlinks


  • Newsletter 45€ Setting the a newsletter plugin and sign-in via widget
  • AdSense 35€ Setting the display of ads banners on the site
  • AdWords from 50€ Advertising campaign for your website on Google
  • Facebook ads from 40€ Advertising campaign for your product on Facebook

These services can be added to our Standard, Basic and Business projects or ordered separately.
We’ll be happy to provide further information on the various services we offer.

The prices are informative and may be specified based on the complexity of the assignment.
We’re not a VAT registered company.
You can contact us via email, phone or fill in the simple online form.

7web Design studio is looking forward to our future cooperation